Do you ever find yourself lacking ideas as to how you can tear your husband down?

Here are 10 ways you can be sure to demoralize the man you love the most!

1. Constantly nag him, as though he can’t remember to do anything himself. Speak to him in a condescending tone when you do this, too, especially in front of others.

2. Roll your eyes whenever he’s speaking – whether to you or someone else, but especially in front of others so there will be no mistaking your lack of respect for your husband.

3. Whenever he’s sharing about a choice he has made or an idea he is contemplating, remind him that his schemes never work out, so why should this one? Drive this home by saying, “I have no idea why you would do that. Who does that?”

4. Whenever he is giving his opinion on something, cut him off and start talking about your idea, which is obviously way smarter. Again, make sure you do this in front of others.

5. In an argument, always point out his flaws and past wrongs, of which his are numerous and yours are so minor you can’t remember. Hammer at all his mistakes, over and over, so he fully remembers all his faults.

6. Remind him about what you don’t have. Constantly tell him how a bigger house, nicer car, and more clothes would make you happy. He very much enjoys hearing how he doesn’t adequately provide.

7. Never tell him about how well he leads and how thankful you are for him. Never point out what good he has done and especially don’t let him know what you like about him. It’s much better if he only ever hears what you don’t like.

8. Make decisions without consulting him. Don’t ask for his preferences. Never, ever defer to his leadership, lest he become prideful and believe he’s capable of leading his family. Besides, your friends are much better to seek advice concerning your family matters.

9. Turn him down constantly and consistently to build an emotional wall and snuff out any chance of intimacy. Then make sure to tell him how he’s not romantic.

10. Compare him with other men – fictional or not – and create in your mind the perfect husband. If you do this, you can be reminded as often as you like how your husband does not measure up. In this, the discontentment will grow until you are firm in your belief that he isn’t “The One” and there is an actual existence of “The One” and if you could just be with that person, life would be perfect.

(Obviously, this is written in jest… Just in case it needs to be mentioned)

– Laurel Ewing, Women’s Ministry Director