“And let them make me a sanctuary, that I may dwell in their midst.” – Exodus 25:8

Update Timeline:

January 25th, 2017 – Mission Church Elders vote to establish building fund and pursue land.

We have been here before. Leaps of faith have defined our church family’s history. And our church family has a history because Jesus has been faithful and caught us in every leap. Listen to our sermon from January 29th for our entire history, and for better understanding of our next step!

Jesus is calling us to take another step of faith. In a very similar way to how God called His first people to build the Tabernacle in Exodus 25:8, the Lord is calling us, his people today, to move toward building a place where He may dwell in our midst. But it will only happen with the faith that God has called us and will provide.

So prayerfully ask of your own heart: “Am I willing to take a step of faith by giving sacrifically to the 25:8 Campaign? Am I willing to be open before the Lord as to whatever he may ask of me?”

If we collectively, as Mission Church, have the courage and faith to ask and asnwer these questions, I believe Jesus will do great things… because He already has!

That’s the heart behind the 25:8 Campaign; It’s All About Jesus.

This initiative is all about cultivating faith in Jesus. As a church, the Lord is calling us to the largest step of faith we have ever taken. The Lord is inviting us into the often talked about, but seldom traveled, road of living by faith.

This step of faith will forever change our church family, and we are praying this step of faith through generosity will forever change you.

Our primary goal is 100% participation. We want 100% of those who call Mission Church home, to open themselves up to the Lord and have a life-changing encounter with Him as it relates to generosity.

We are trusting in the provision of God through the people of Mission Church for our secondary goal of raising $250,000 in order to purchase ten acres, free-and-clear, that will be the site for our future church building. Please make your contribution between now and April 9, 2017.

Will you partner with us?