A Genuine Faith Is Always Imperfect

I have a friend who leads a church as a pastor.

His church was having a baptism service on a coming Sunday and in preparation for this Sunday, those who were being baptized were being interview and filmed so that they may share their testimony with others that day.

This one man, as he was sitting there in front of the camera, began telling his story…

“Yeah, I grew up in a dysfunctional home as a child, which led to some poor decisions in my teenage years, which led to even worse decisions as a young adult. Then through work, my life intersected with a man from church who invited me to come, and about a year after that, in tears, I accepted Jesus as my Savior.”

My friend asks him in the interview, “So, how has life gone since then? It’s been about a year since that day, how have things gone?”

The man answered, “I still struggle. Some of the sins I struggled with before, I still struggle with today. Honestly, when I read my Bible, I don’t always understand it and I struggle to even believe that what it is saying is true. I have my doubts.”

When the man mentioned the word, “Doubt”, he looked up and said, “Well, I guess you are not going to be able to show this on Sunday morning.”

My friend said, “ARE YOU KIDDING ME? This is the most accurate description of faith I have heard in a long time!”

Christianity is not about having perfect faith; a genuine faith is always imperfect.