For many people, Bear Grylls’ “Man vs. Wild” was a favorite in survival television.

He would find obstacles for himself and his crew to overcome, surviving in the wilderness and outdoors with nothing but minimal supplies.

However, a few facts came out a few years into the show that showed the truth behind a lot of what Bear Grylls was doing.

He was not always in the toughest places in the middle of nowhere, sometimes he was within shouting distance from major roads, and one time he was even found to be at a hotel instead of braving the wild!

The show was not genuine in it’s truth-telling. Wouldn’t it be nice if something that claimed to be genuine was actually so?

The fact that “Man vs. Wild” really is not that surprising, though, and thus shouldn’t change too much about our lives…

But with the things that we purchase, or our relationships, or our love, and especially the things that we believe in, we want them to be genuine.
Deep down, we want our life with God to be genuine, but what does that even look like? Listen to our sermon from Sunday for the answer from Hebrews 10!