You did it.

You sinned. You messed up. You deliberately and outrightly disobeyed God and His Word. You turned away from what you know you SHOULD do, to do something that you know you SHOULD NOT do. You turned away from God to go on your own way… And it went terribly, terribly wrong.

But at some point between then and now, you were convicted by the Holy Spirit of your sin (a gracious gift from God), and for a split second you feel an overwhelming amount of guilt and sorrow.

Instead of repressing those emotions and continuing in more sin, because we all know that sin only begets more sin, you sat deep in your sorrow and had instead the thought of going to God with it all.

You cried. You were angry at yourself. Your face was void of any emotion as you spaced out at the thought of the rotten state of your heart.

You don’t want to admit it, but you even had the thought of punishing yourself, so as to ease the pain of what you’ve done. If you hurt yourself then maybe, just maybe, it would even out the score for what you did wrong.

By His grace, God saved you from that thought, but you, nonetheless, are still stuck in the sadness and sorrow over what you have done…

But is it merely that?

Here are 8 questions to ask yourself to help assess the state of your heart in repentance:

Am I really repentant, or just sad that I’ve been caught?

Am I saddened by the fact that I have offended a holy God with my sin, or just that I’ve upset my spouse or friend?

Am I going to confess of my sin to my brother/sister to be healed (James 5:16), or keep it all held in so as to not be embarrassed by someone else knowing the dark parts of me?

Am I going to change anything in my life so as to cut out the sin habit at the root, or am I going to leave the computer or phone with easy and unfettered access to whatever I want?

Am I going to fight sin actively and deliberately by pressing more into God’s Word and making decisions to grow in Godly discipline, or is it going to be an idea out in the ethereal that never has legs to run with?

Am I going to lazily fall back into this sinful pattern of life, or am I going to be strong in killing sin?

Am I going to repent, and turn to God, that my sins may be wiped out and that the Lord may refresh me (Acts 3:19), or will I wilt and dry up into death?

Am I going to choose a few seconds of pleasure that really isn’t pleasure? Or am I going to choose an eternity of pleasure in the presence of Jesus (Psalm 16)?

Am I really repentant?

– Jacob Simmons, Family Pastor