Promises are everywhere.

For instance, they are in my house: “Dad, I promise I will finish my chores after my turn on this game is over!”

Or, “Dad, I promise, if you let me use your tools I will put them back where I got them!”

Or, “Dad, I promise, I did not hit my brother!”

But promises are also in our lives all over the place: “I promise, this product will help you to melt away the pounds.”

Or, “I promise, this product will remove any household stain!”

Or, “I promise that this will secure for you a future.”

Skepticism is natural here, and even a good thing! But what about when it comes to the sometimes unbelievable promises of God? Are we skeptical about these?

We know that we SHOULD believe these, so why do we struggle to do so?

God through Hebrews 8 shows us that we can believe His promises without skepticism because His promises are better. What exactly does that mean? Listen here for Sunday’s sermon!