Where do you want to go on your summer vacation? Some will answer Disney World, while others say some exotic beach and still others a mountain retreat. Regardless of which dream vacation you would choose, God’s Word says that he has prepared for his kids a place that will eclipse them all. In fact, life with God would make Disney World look like a junk yard and the most exotic beach like a puddle in the back yard.

In today’s passage in Hebrews, we learn that God’s offer of life with him still stands for those who believe him and place their faith in his promise. But we also see that some (actually the majority of people who will ever live) never make it to God’s promised life because they opt for trying to make a full, joyous and contented life apart from God. Listen in to hear how you can know the difference between these two groups of people and how you can be sure to be in the group that makes life with God their faithful desire.