When you set up an account with Twitter one of the items that gets filled out is the “about” section. For the most part this is a terse description of a person’s like, dislikes, interest and work expertise. Sometimes the entries are humorous while others strike a more serious, professional tone. In either case, the “about” section is often a good summary of what the individual is, well, “about.” For most people however there is little substantive thought given to the question, “What am I about?” And since most people don’t give it much thought most groups of people don’t as well. That is not the case in the church. Followers of Jesus know what they are about because their Savior has given them their marching orders. The particulars are simply a matter of context as the specific church works out their “about” given the time and place God has placed them. In today’s message we remind and review what it is Mission Church is about. We return again to the mission Jesus has given our church. The reality is that whatever the “about” is determines what the church becomes. Listen in to see what our church is becoming.