Following God By Faith

I was sitting at the table at the Red Lobster in Greenville, Texas, sweating profusely, heart beating out of my chest, BECAUSE I was sitting there at the table with Leah’s parents, about to ask them the most important question of my life up to that point… May I have your blessing to pursue your daughter in marriage?

Now, I had already bonded with Leah’s parents plenty, I actually got to meet them before Leah and I even started dating, which was cool… But now, I’m not that goofy kid who makes really bad dad-jokes, I am that goofy kid who makes really corny dad-jokes who is trying to marry their daughter…

And Leah’s mom, Jami, is super smart and has more degrees than fahrenheit and I’m sitting there in my fifth year of a four-year degree… And Lance can be super intimidating if you are trying to marry his daughter, none of you will ever understand, if you’ve met him, you know he’s a super kind and awesome man, but from my position, I’ve been to the gun range with this man, I know what he’s capable of… So, I nearly choked trying to get the words out I was so nervous.

And Lance grilled me for what seemed like the next two days and the lamp above the table, I think someone angled that mug to within an inch of my forehead. Lance had all of the most thoughtful and terrifying questions you could think of… And the sad thing is, I only remember one of the answers I gave that evening because it was a really bad answer…

Lance, with his stern brow, looked deep into the windows of my soul and asked me, “How do you plan on providing financial support for your family?”

And I don’t know if it was the nerves or if I was just dehydrated, but I answered his question very seriously and very confidently… “Well, sir, I plan on providing financial support for Leah… (PAUSE) with money.”

I cringe every single time I think of that answer. Somehow, by the good grace of God, they still said yes.

But I tell this story because what was true of me that evening is true for all of us in this room. We long for a blessing. You and I want, deep down, for God to bless us. We don’t always know or like what the blessing is, but we at least know we want it.