God Deals With Everyone

Do you think life is unfair?

Be honest.

Do you?

I find it unfair when I am on I-635 and I come up on the endless amounts of traffic and I switch from one lane to another, only to find the lane I just changed from begins to zoom by at 55 MPH.

But it gets even more unfair. I switched back to my original lane, only to find the lane I just came from zooming by at 55 MPH and my lane stopped completely.

Yet, even that can be topped by the lanes at the grocery store…

Or the guy at work who was promoted over me… Or the fact that my kids are lunatics when theirs are great… Or the fact that I am always sick and that person looks like the most healthy person in the world…

What’s interesting about the book of Daniel is that for the first four chapters, it seems like God is forgetting his people and it seems super unfair all that is happening to his people while the enemies of God are prospering.

But what we see from Daniel chapter 5 is that God deals with everyone.