My kids rifle through the toy store sale papers that come with the Sunday paper. They pick out the items they just “gotta have” and alert me to this fact by point to the picture and asking, “Can I have this for Christmas, Dad?” I usually deflect the entreaty quickly with a well timed, “We’ll see.” That’s parent code for, “Highly unlikely but hey, miracles happen.” I’m not surprised by this interaction with my kids around Christmas, they are kids after all. What I find intriguing however is that we do it as adults.
We bring our Christmas list of “gotta haves” to God with the same kind of zeal. “God looks at this job, look at this marriage, look at these kids behave, look at this back account, look at this fun life…can I have it?” We have a good Father who cares for us and wants us to bring our requests to him. But in today’s message we are going to look at some better ways to order our asking. What God would have us do is seek primary things for our life and leave the secondary “stuff” for him to bring as he sees fit as a good Father always provides what his kids need. God really does give good gifts. Let’s pray for him to provide those and leave secondary issues secondary.