My oldest son and I recently finished building a bike rack. It was one of those “we” building projects where the Dad pretty much does everything but finds ways for his young son (8 in this case) to help. When we put the finishing touches on it my son ran and told his mom, “Come see what Dad and I built.” It is this kind of feeling we all want to have in life. The feeling that we made a contribution, we played our part, we made a difference. The biblical truth is God has in fact designed each and every one of us to make that kind of impact. God is right now, as every day, building his kingdom and at work in the world and He wants us to join him in the work and enjoy the results. In today’s passage we learn what God has done to make it possible for us make a contribution in the world and why he has done it. Knowing these truths help us to engage in our lives with God in an intentional and productive way knowing that when the work is done we will say, “Come and see what God and I did.” And God will smile.