God Gives Us Hope

I don’t like to yell at little kids.

But when I was a wee little tot, about 10-11… Maybe 15… My dad was the coach of my little brother’s soccer team and I think he felt bad that I had to go to all of the tournaments with a van full of crazy kids, so he told me that I was the Assistant Coach.

All of a sudden I went from sitting on the bench bored, to standing at the sidelines like my dad did… yelling at a bunch of little kids to run there and pass there and don’t do that on the field Chris…

One game sticks out to me more than all of the rest in my history of AC because my brother’s team was losing in the State Championship final going into halftime, 2-0.

All of these little guys looked so defeated and sad and I don’t like to yell at little kids, but I couldn’t let them go into that next half with no hope like that. I am the assistant coach, my goodness, I’m going to yell and give them some hope!

So I brought them all in close, I stood before them like a man amongst boys, and I said, “Guys, this is it… Abraham Lincoln once said, ‘In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count, it’s the life in your years.’ So let’s go get some life!!!!! Let’s go!!!”

And I rushed out onto the field, leading the way like Braveheart, and it was the greatest moment of my assistant coaching career… Until I noticed that nobody followed me. I came back and I stood there before my downtrodden men and asked, “What’s wrong with you guys? Why didn’t you follow me?”

To which one of the kids stood up in the back and said something I will never forget for as long as I live… He asked, “Who’s Abraham Lincoln?”

You and I are just like a little soccer team down 2 points going into halftime… Because, at times we are overwhelmed with the amount of work we have, we are barely able to come up for air as a parent, we didn’t sleep well last night because of the financial stress, we dread going home because we have to face our spouse again after that huge fight last night, or we keep getting trapped in the same sin over and over again… Life is a whole lot of darkness…

You and I need hope. We are two points down going into halftime and as we lay on the floor of the locker room of life, gasping for air, thinking that we are surely going to not make it, we need hope. We need hope.

We search for it, we try to find it in different things and by different means, but it never remains, something always takes our man-made hope away… No matter how desperate we are, because in life we are either currently in a time of deep darkness, we’ve just gotten a break from deep darkness, or deep darkness is coming. But here is the good news, God gives hope.