God Humbles the Proud

I want you to know that Heather and I are really good parents.

At least, Heather and I THOUGHT we were good parents… until God gave us kids.

This realization came, not through diaper-changing or disciplinary means, but through dinner.

If you have kids, you know what I am talking about. It is almost as if the kids want to eat DAILY, and if you fail to feed them? O the weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth that comes!

The realization of the fact that we were indeed just like every other parent instead of perfect parents came when we started to give them breakfast for dinner because it was easiest. We had given up.

I thought that Heather and I were the King and Queen of giving up when it came to dinner, but then I had a friend who said that his wife does “Make Your Own Sandwich” night for dinner. She outsourced the labor! Genius!

What God does with you and I is exactly what he does with every parent ever… He takes us from our high esteem and brings us low.

We have a lot of pride, but God in his grace, will give us a chance to have a lot of humility.