God is in Control

My first son, Zach, was born in 2006.

I awoke to my wife emphatically yelling something about it being time… But I was still a bit groggy, and to be honest, she had been saying that it was going to be “any day now” for a long time… So, I calmly got everything ready to go and got us out the door in no panic whatsoever.

We get to the hospital and, up to this point, we had not really discussed whether or not we wanted the birth to be natural or anything, but it became clear very early on that it was time for drugs… and Heather wanted some too.

So, my wife gets the epidural, and she becomes much more relaxed until the doctor starts to worry about the baby.

At one point, she pushed, and the monitors for the baby began lighting up and beeping and about 5 other nurses begin to crowd the room and after a moment of deliberation, the doctor says, “Your baby is in distress, we need to do an emergency C-section.

I hadn’t ever experience anything like this before, and fear instantly struck me. As they wheeled my wife back to the operating room and I had to let go of her hand, I prayed, “God, take care of her.”

God will do this in your life and in my life, he will place us in foreign environments where we will have no sense of control to show us two good truths: that God is in control, and that he can handle it.