After every Halloween, we go through the exercise of rationing out the treasure-trove of candy and chocolate and sugar that our kids received on their night of Trick-or-Treating. Our idea was that the kids could get ONE (bite-size, not full-size) piece of candy after lunch and TWO after dinner for a grand total of THREE a day.

It was a great plan! Until one day, I am sitting on the couch watching the Cowboys play, and I dipped into each of their candy buckets and took one piece from each. That gave me a total of FOUR.

Almost immediately, my oldest son, the rule follower, stands over me and counts the candy wrappers. “Dad, you ate FOUR pieces of candy, we are only supposed to have TWO after dinner!”

It is good and right for us to be called out on our sin, but we hate when it actually happens to us. The Father will always call us out on our sin, because he loves us enough to do so, and we must deal with it! Nehemiah 5 will show us a good picture of what this looks like.