December 1792 in Austria, an unmarried embroiderer gave birth to her third child; a baby boy named Joseph. Joseph’s father had deserted his mother immediately upon learning of the pregnancy. The abandoned mother, who was already short on money, was fined a year’s wages for having conceived a child out of wedlock.

With an absentee father and poor mother, Joseph’s life outlook was fairly dim.

One place where the child felt loved and accepted, though, was at his local parish. He sang in the choir and was very talented. So much so, that a man named Johann heard him and intervened on his behalf to provide him with an education.

The child excelled in school musically. He learned to play the guitar, violin, and the organ and eventually he decided to enroll in seminary.

Joseph’s attempt was blocked however, because of his illegitimate birth. Johann again stepped in to help and made a way for Joseph to become a priest, and so it happened.

The only way Joseph was able to do anything was because Johann showed him favor.

If we look back on our lives, we will see that every accomplishment, everything that we were able to do in our lives, was ultimately a blessing from God; favor from God on us.

But how does God show us his favor? How has God’s favor come? Listen to Sunday’s sermon for more!