Every parent works toward and desires their kids to mature. They work toward their physical maturation going from being able to clean up their room to being able to get their own job. They desire their kids’ emotional maturation going from tantrums over broken toys to being able to defer their desires and wait patiently. They work at their intellectual maturation as they go from 2+2 to being able to handle difficult life concepts.

In the same way, our heavenly Father is working for our spiritual maturity. And to even a greater degree than a parent demands it of their child, God has given himself fully to seeing us mature in Christ. But what does that process look like? What constitutes spiritual maturity as God defines it? If that is the process he has undertaken with each of us, we should be apprised of the content of instruction and know when genuine progress is being made. In today’s passage we look at spiritual maturity and will find that it entails undergoing Gospel training and making Gospel progress.