How Faith Gets Lived Out

Growing up, we had a split-level home.

When you walked in the front door, you were in the living room area and if you walked up five steps, you made it to the kitchen area, and then up a normal flight of stairs was the bedroom area.

But the small flight of stairs, the one with five steps, was a perfect place for a little me to jump into my dad’s arms as he stood in the living room.

Every now and then, Dad would play like he wasn’t really going to catch me and he would move his arms away, all to scare the living daylights out of me, but he always made sure to still catch me.

Until one day…

The timing was just perfect to where I was jumping when he was moving his arms away, and I almost soared right past him into a nose-dive on the ground, but he twisted his body and made the catch and we fell to the ground together as he cradled me.

I think at one point he was hurt, because he screamed out, “I’m hurt!”

This story is kind of like faith, because faith has two parts: The conviction that if we leap, we will be caught… but the second part of faith is that we must jump.

How do we jump? How do we make sure that what we believe about God gets lived out by our actions? Listen here for Sunday’s sermon!