Leah Flowers

“Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow…” (Matt. 6:28)

I’m not much of a flower-guy. 

What I mean, is that I have never cared much for looking at, or picking, or smelling flowers… of any kind. But the world around me most certainly seems to care very much about them. 

Middle school girls pander on endlessly about their “professional” pictures in the bluebonnets…

Some romantic comedy husband who has messed up big time, gives his wife some flowers and it seems as though the aroma erased all memory of whatever it was that he did wrong…

The girl who practically lives at Hot Topic, just figuring out who she is, draws a flower on the white rubber sole of her Chuck Taylor’s, saying to her girlfriends that it is going to be the newest fad…

Everyone seems to love these things. But, if I am honest, I think that flowers are kind of girly (I know, I am the worst human being). But what can i say? I am most definitely NOT a flower-guy.


As I have grown more in a relationship with my Father, through His desire for a relationship with me, I have grown more in my appreciation for flowers (yes, I just said that). 

I remember being in awe looking up to the midnight, East Texas sky, or when I would be on a vacation with my family to a cabin in the Appalachian mountains… Those were obviously awe-inspiring! I remember gazing upon the vastness and feeling very, very small and wondering what life meant and whatnot. 

Never did I think that when I saw a random grouping of flowers because, after all, I am NOT a flower-guy.

But now, knowing God, when I am looking at the dried up flowers that once made up my wife’s wedding bouquet, or when I see a poorly-drawn orchid on a shoe, or when I see a field that is teeming with such a colorful array of petals… I feel as small as a pebble on the edge of the Grand Canyon.

Now when I see flowers, it feels like I can get a glimpse at the endless mystery that is God’s love for me; I can see the character of my God.

I actually “consider the lilies”.

I see the grace that it must take to form such delicate life. I see the beatific ideal of newness in a desolate place. I see the overwhelming love and mercy of a Father who longs to bring his children joy by giving us such vibrant loveliness and such a pleasurable sight… 

But most of all, I see a small picture of what God is doing in me, through his unchangingly stubborn grace.

He is showing me that just as the flower comes up out of the rugged and cursed ground in newness of life… One day, because of Jesus, I will be raised up out of this rugged and sinful body and will be made new, too… Just like the flower. 

I will be new and forever I will be free. Because of Christ, who lived and died for me.

I guess that makes me a flower-guy now… I am trying to be okay with it.

– Jacob Simmons, Student Ministry Pastor

Photo by: Allix Ruby