We tend to like people who are like us. We like to spend time with people who act like us, think like us, talk like us, and like to do the same things we enjoy. This isn’t wrong necessarily, except if this category of individual is the only type of friend we have. At first it makes sense that we don’t want to spend much time with people who negatively affect us but want to bias our time toward those relationships which affect us positively. The problem comes when we look around and the only friends we have are those who are essentially clones of us. Jesus, on the other hand, made it a habit to spend time with people very different form him and far from God. He made this such a pattern in life that he got a reputation for being a “friend of sinners.” I think he would have us garner the same description. In today’s sermon we look at what we must believe to be a person who is intentional in making friends among those who are different than us and far from God. Jesus’ example implores us to be the kind of people who make the effort to befriend people who don’t match the image we see in the mirror. Listen to find out how we do that.