Is My Faith Enough?

There was a mom and dad and their son was having physical problems.

He would get rigid, he would foam at the mouth, he would fall down, he couldn’t speak, he was mute… and they were concerned. They were doing everything they could to get some help for their boy.

They were Jews, so they would go to the temple and ask the priests to pray, they went to their local rabbi and asked him to pray, but nothing came of it. Nothing worked.

They tried everything they could, until one day they heard that there was a Rabbi who was traveling from Galilee named Jesus.

They had heard the stories about him, about how he can make blind people to see, he gives lepers new skin, and about how this Jesus could raise people from the dead.

They knew that this man could do things that no one else could, so the dad goes and finds one of the disciples to tell him about his boy.

The disciples tried to help out, but could not, so Jesus himself steps up and begins asking questions.

The boy’s father says, “IF you can do something, please do it now.”

Jesus responds, “All things are possible with God.”

And the man responds with words that we all, if we are honest, have at our lips in the moment too. “I believe; help my unbelief.”

Since we have some faith, but mostly a lot of un-faith… Is our faith enough?

Listen here for Sunday’s sermon for the answer from Hebrews 11!