“It doesn’t matter.”

We’ve all been in this argument before right?

All has been said (or screamed) at this point, and each bullet brought up by one party has been absolutely decimated by the other, and no one party is really listening to the other… It is really just mad chaos.

And then one of the parties, out of nowhere, puts on a serious and confidently stoic face, stands bold in the collapsing pocket, and says what they believe will change the entire face of the argument and they open their mouths to reveal the beauty of their arguing-tactics in such a moment as this and out comes…

“It. Doesn’t. Matter.”

This is usually followed by a cheeky retort line like, “You can do whatever you want.” Which is then followed by another, “It doesn’t matter” as if you really needed to be reminded of the sentence prior to this one.

But believe me, the line sandwiched in between the twin-famous lines is NEVER what the party intends or means.


Why do I know this?

Because I am married.

But why do I really know this?

Because it actually does matter.

Whatever the argument is about… Whatever has been said in the argument… Whatever mode of communication has been used to get a point across… Whatever one party says to the other to do or not do sandwiched between “it doesn’t matter”… It all matters!

If not to one of the parties, then it most certainly does to the other.

It matters to us, the things we fight for.

What matters most in life to you?

Is it your beliefs? Your life? Your love?

We are currently in a series here at Mission Church called, “It Matters”, where we are examining the things in life that matter most. You can listen to week one of the series here, where John 17 helps us to see why it matters what we believe.

– Jacob Simmons, Family Pastor