We often spend the bulk of our time trying to work on the externals of life: career, financial position, physical appearance, entertainment, material comforts, etc. While none of those are bad things, they become disordered when they take precedence over the internals of life: love, character, kindness, service, and the like. A great job can’t touch great character. A heart full of love always beats a wallet full of dollars. The beauty of a selfless person is far superior to the attractiveness of one’s appearance. The reality is that those who focus on externals will find, when the storms of life come, that those outward trappings can do nothing to give their life security. The only way to give your life ballast against the difficulties that are sure to come, is to have a relationship with Jesus at the center of your life. In today’s message we look at exactly how it is that having Jesus at the center stabilizes and solidifies a life. When the storms of life arrive, this is how Jesus keeps a person from crumbling under the weight of the tempest.