The first car I ever bought was a 1980 Datsun 280z with T-Tops.

Moon roof? Not as good as T-Tops. Sun-roof? That’s garbage compared to T-Tops.

I was driving up to my friend, John’s, house to pick him up to hang out when I saw John’s dad working on his own car in his garage.

John’s dad was better than Mr. Fix It. He fixed everything from tractors to cars, really anything with a motor, and his garage was as clean as a surgery room.

I pulled up, T-Tops off, and I stepped out proudly. John’s dad asked me, “Man, that’s a sweet car. How many horses?”

I responded confusedly, “There’s no horses, it’s a car; it’s not a carriage.”

John’s dad said, “No, I mean, what kind of engine does it have?”

I said, “It’s a car engine. It came with the car.”

John’s dad spent the next hour showing me how to clean and fix and update parts of the inside of the car. I knew how to clean the outside, it was the inside I needed help with.

If John’s dad had not showed me, I would not have known.

If the Father does not help us, we can only clean the outside.

From Hebrews 9, we will see that God, through Jesus, can cleanse the inside. Jesus can cleanse the conscience.

Listen to Sunday’s sermon to see how!