Gold. Jewels. Treasure.

That is what 1519 Spanish conquistador, Hernando Cortez was after.

He heard that the Aztec people in the Yucatan Peninsula had an embarrassment of the riches, but every conquest thus far had been stopped short because of the brutal warfare-style of the Aztec people. Nobody had been able to even find the City of Gold, but Cortez figured, “Why not me?”

Cortez purchases some ships, an army of soldiers, and sails across the Atlantic to the Yucatan. When they landed, they did not go straight for the Aztec gold. Instead, for three weeks, Cortez trains and informs his men of the plan.

After the three weeks of training on the beach, Cortez tells his men that the time has come. But before they marched into the Aztec land, he told his men to turn to look at the three ships they came in.

Then Cortez gives the signal to light the ships on fire.

The author of the book of Hebrews wants for us to burn our boats. Listen to Sunday’s sermon for what that means exactly!