We all long for and desire a mediator; someone to stand in the gap for us in the area we have need. It starts when we are young and need our parents to be our representative for us to the world. It includes looking for someone to ask the girl we like if she likes us. We can’t just go up and ask ourselves. We’d die! The quest for mediators continues into adulthood as we ask our spouse to call and complain about our cell phone bill. We desire to have a mediator.

The truth is that this desire isn’t a character flaw but something God has put inside us. We need a mediator when it comes to approaching him. The Old Covenant had the priestly system. The New Covenant has the Great High Priest. In 1 Tim 2:5, God says that there is one mediator between him and humanity, the man Christ Jesus. Today’s passage lays out what the person looks like who has Jesus as their mediator. As a diagnostic to see if you are right with God through the mediation of Jesus, we will find three truths that describe the person that can rest in with Jesus representing them to God.