Jesus, My Shepherd

There was a couple in our church who had a farm. On this farm, they had some chickens. And by some, I mean probably 150 chickens.

I got the chance to go out to the farm to see how the whole operation went down and see all of the chickens and the eggs.

While there, my buddy says, “You’ve got to see how my wife interacts with these chickens!”

My buddy’s wife walks into the huge chicken coop they had on their land, and all of these chickens came up to her, chirping, and two of these chickens fly up at her! One lands on her shoulder and another lands right in her hands… Both the most contented chickens in the entire coop.

This woman was the chicken whisperer!

Now, nowhere in the Bible are we called chickens, but we are called sheep. And at the root of every problem in our lives is that we try to be our own shepherd.

We, instead, have a Shepherd in Jesus.