Jesus, The Way

I was having breakfast with a friend of mine when I received a call from my sweet wife.

An animal had gotten under our house by way of a crawlspace hole on the back of the house and was scratching the wood and pipes under our bathroom where my sweet wife was getting ready for work.

A few weeks earlier, I had gone under the house to fix a hole in our siding, but when I emerged, I did not place the wooden slats back over the hole and thus the animal found a nice little opening to go through.

At the request of my sweet wife, I headed home to take care of said issue.

However, when I returned home, there was no sound or scratching, and so in that moment I had a choice to make: 1) Go and fix the hole or 2) I could let it be for a while until I was really desperate to fix the hole because it was going to be some work to put the slats back and I could just wait because what are the odds that another animal comes under our house.

Later that night, around 2-3am, I faintly hear a scratching sound and all of a sudden get a swift punch to the chest from my sweet wife. Needless to say, the animal came back.

I had a choice to make between the hard path and the easy path, and I chose the stupid path… I mean, the easy path.

If we are honest, we do this all the time… It’s downright difficult to choose the right path to take for a plethora of reasons… What can we do to make sure we are on the path that leads to everlasting life?