Knowing the Future Means Strength for the Present

I’ll just be completely honest with you, I fancy myself a pretty hip guy, even though I am no longer in my twenties… But by using the word “fancy”, I have alerted you to my non-hip-ness.

When this reality came home to me, though, was when I was talking with Pastor Jake one day.

He was trying to explain to me this difficult decision he was going to have to make and how he was struggling with what to do. To which I simply said, “Well, a bird in the hand…”

And his head kind of tilted to one side, as if he could hear a dog whistle in the distance.

Jake replied to me, “What does that have anything to do with what I just told you?”

“Well, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.” I told him.

And his head tilted to the other side as he looked bewildered at me.

My quippy, American proverb meant nothing to him, so I guess I really was not as hip as I thought I was.

In my trying to be hip, I realized that I missed something very simple when it comes to Bible interpretation that we will find very helpful for us in chapter 7 of Daniel.