Looking to Jesus to Look Like Jesus

Satan rolls up to God to ask him which of his created beings he can torment, saying, “If I take away the things they love from them, they will curse you.”

God offers up his servant Job.

Satan goes and kills Job’s children and take away every material blessing he had. But Job praises God and worships him.

Satan returns to God and says, “Well, if you let me affect his body, then I know he will curse you.”

God allows it but tells Satan not to take his life.

Satan goes and gives Job boils all over his skin and for 30 some odd chapters of the book of Job, Job complains and is really upset with God. Job wants to know, “Why me? This isn’t fair!”

What Job was not seeing, was that God was making him to look more like Jesus. He was going to make Job better off at the end than he was at the beginning.

You and I want to look like Jesus, but I doubt that we ever pray for God to treat us like he did Job…

The truth of the matter, is that we are all on the same path as Job, our sanctification path, and God will use whatever means necessary to bring that sanctification to fruition.

How will we be able to do this? We look to Jesus to look like Jesus. Listen here for Sunday’s sermon for more!