And he saw that they were making headway painfully, for the wind was against them. – Mark 6:48

Does your life feel like you are making headway painfully, if you feel like you are making any headway at all?

The reality is that there will be times, and extended times, at that, where our lives with Jesus will feel as if we are struggling interminably. The struggle does not abate, it does not waver, it goes on and on with each painful day. The winds of life are against us.

What do we do in these circumstances?

We will all face them. No one is exempt. In fact, Jesus promises that life with him will bring struggle. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world. (Jn 16:33b) What should we do? Mark 6:45-48 gives us great help and encouragement when the wind is against.

Truth #1

Jesus put us in the situation we are in.

The first truth we come to is that Jesus is the one who put the disciples in the boat; Immediately he made his disciples get into the (Mark 6:45a). The disciples are not out on the water, rowing against the wind by their own decision but by the choice of Jesus.

God himself chooses our spouse, our kids, our job, our financial situation and our health for us. Since this is true we can rest knowing that he is in control.

He is not caught off guard by what is happening to us.

Truth #2

Jesus will be with us at the end of our painful struggle.

Jesus tells the disciples that he will meet them on the other side of the lake; Immediately he made his disciples get into the boat and go before him to the other side, to Bethsaida (Mark 6:45b). I imagine Jesus telling the disciples something to the effect of, “Guys, take the boat, head over to Bethsaida, and after I dismiss the crowd and take some time to pray I will meet you there. I will be behind you about two hours or so.”

Jesus will be with us at the end our struggle. He has not spun our lives like a top and then left us to spin forever on our own.

Since this is true it means that there will be an end to the struggle. And that end will be with Jesus.

Truth #3

Jesus has his eye on us the entire time we struggle.

Jesus goes up on the mountain to pray but can see the disciples struggle on the lake. Notice verse 48 above. Jesus “saw” the disciples struggling. We do not have a Savior who is oblivious to our plight.

He does not focus on “more important” matters somewhere on the planet and leave us to dangle in the wind. Jesus, always has his eye on us.

My youngest son is right now learning to walk and as his dad, I allow him to struggle during the learning process. I take a toy he wants off the ground and place it on the coffee table so that he struggles to pull himself up. When he starts to take a step toward me, I inch my way backward so that he will take two steps. I allow him to struggle to climb the stairs.

All the while I am there, my hands are poised to catch him.

I am there to pick him up and give him a huge hug when the struggle is over.

Jesus is no different.

As you and I struggle in life, he is the one who is put us in that situation, he is the one who will be there when it is over and he is the one who has his eye on us the entire time. Jesus knows intimately all that we go through and we can rest in his care as we make headway in life, even when the headway is painful.

– Eric Creekmore, Lead Pastor