Mission and Values

Our Mission:

We exist to glorify God and make disciples by building authentic, Gospel-centered friendships.


We strive to be a people who draw attention to our great God (Father, Son and Spirit) and not to ourselves. We believe that we are most joyful, and life is best lived, when we are pointing our hearts, and those around us, to the source of all we need.


Jesus, after paying for our sin, was clear before he ascended back to the Father that we who remain are to “Go and make disciples.” The essence of the church is be a people who make disciples by introducing unbelievers to Jesus and “teaching them to observe all that he commanded.”


Modeling and calling people to engage in authentic relationships (instead of, “I have it all together” pretending). None of us have it all together. That’s why we need Jesus. All of our pretending keeps us isolated from a relationship with God and friendship with one another.


Leading people in applying Gospel-centered believing as the answer for life change and transformation. The Gospel is NOT the ABC’s of the Christian life but the A to Z of our life with Christ. True maturity in Jesus is growing in the ability to apply what we know of the finished work of Jesus in every area of life.


We need friends. In fact there is no life without them. God set up life to be lived among a group of friends who care for each other and encourage all to pursue Jesus in the every day.


We value the Gospel as the central message and life transforming catalyst of the entire Bible

This value is demonstrated by our commitment to apply the Gospel message to every aspect of life. We remind ourselves, and one another, of the Gospel’s truth as the transformative mechanism for our lives. (Luke 24:13-35; Gal 2:11-14)

We value building authentic friendships where we can truly be ourselves and care for one another.

This value is demonstrated by our commitment to being active members in Sunday worship and weekly discipleship groups. We refrain from trying to look like we have it all together and share with others who we actually are and expect the same in return. (John 13:34-35; Rom 12:5; 14:19; 1 Cor 12:25; Gal 6:2)

We value taking the initiative to go to those who do not know Jesus to share His love and Gospel message with them.

This value is demonstrated by reaching out to those far from God in our neighborhoods, at our work and with whomever God brings into our life. We are active in our city to go to those who do not know Jesus and refrain from passively waiting for them to come to us. (Gen 12:1-4; Matt 28:18-20; John 20:21; Acts 1:8)

We value granting others the second chance we received and accepting others just as they are.

This value is demonstrated by an intentional non-judgmentalism toward people. We treat everyone with the respect and love we have received regardless of how “messed up” they appear to be. We are just as “messed up” as they are. When people interact with our church they should feel welcomed and accepted in the same manner God himself would welcome and accept them. (Matt 7:1-5; Rom 12:16; 15:17; Eph 4:2)

We value passing on the Gospel to our children and our children’s children.

This value is demonstrated by helping parents and grandparents to pass on the Gospel to their kids and grandkids. Our church holds milestone ceremonies in order to mark the lives of our kids with particular rites of passage as they grow in the Gospel. We see each home as a “little church” where God does the majority of discipling through the parents (particularly the Dad). (Deut 6:4-9; Josh 24:15; Psalm 127:3-5; Matt 18:12-14; 19:13-15)