Jeffery received news that he was going to be promoted at his job and he was absolutely ecstatic.

Jeffery worked himself hard day after day in order to make life easier for his bosses and fellow coworkers and everyone in the company was seeing the fruits of his labor. There was not a single soul in the company that did not agree wholeheartedly with the company’s decision to promote Jeffery.

With a sizable increase in pay, exclusive access to benefits he had only ever heard of, a nice corner office with a view, and a sense of accomplishment, Jeffery knew that he and his wife had to celebrate.

Jeffery rounded up the kids as his wife proceeded to try on every dress she had, and he drove them over to Grandma’s house for the evening. On the way home from Grandma’s, Jeffery couldn’t help but feel overjoyed with the prospect of the future with this new promotion, so he played some funky music (white boy), and danced the whole way home.

As they headed out the door, Jeffery stopped his wife, swung her around, told her how beautiful she looked and gave her a nice big smooch on the lips.

“What an amazing day!” Jeffery thought.

Over the never-before-ordered appetizer and a more-expensive-but-still-cheap bottle of wine, Jeffery and his wife spoke of finally reaping the benefits of a substantially larger paycheck and a much more wonderful list of insurances to choose from. They were actually going to have vision insurance! No one has vision insurance!

They laughed, they smiled, they held hands across the table.

And in a perfect amount of time, out came the main course. The restaurant’s finest; The best of the best, the cream of the crop, the sultan of swat, the colossus of clout, the Great Bambino!!! (Wait, you went a little off the storyline there, Smalls.)

People stirred in their seats to see the entree as it was being ushered out of the kitchen. They were overtaken with the smell of pure goodness and wonder; it captured the entire room. The waiter placed the still-searing plate directly in front of an anxious Jeffery; tears began welling up in his eyes!

After the easiest cut in his life, Jeffery lifted the small sliver up to his mouth by his salad fork, opened the tunnel, and the succulent deliciousness touched his tongue.

Jeffery’s taste buds exploded with flavor and little drops of heaven.

Jeffery knew that life surely could not be any better than this moment right here, right now.

“Mmmm… Filet Mignon”, said Jeffery, mouth brimming with the finest cut and creamy horseradish. He was finally enjoying the steak that he just looked at pictures of on the menu (and sometimes dreamt of) because he was never able to afford it.

“You’ve evaded me for the last time, you sweet beauty.”

Jeffery was living the life.

After dinner, Jeffery pushed the plate away, loosened his belt two notches, and let out a sigh of satisfaction and delight. That was the best steak Jeffery had ever had in his time of being alive.

Then came the dessert course!

Jeffery almost burst into more tears as the sweet aroma of gluten and chocolate lay before him. He could not believe that this was actually happening to him! Jeffery was experiencing what he thought was the epitome of food-happiness! He and his wife finished licking their plates clean, pushed back in their chairs, and sat in silent revery over what had just happened.

The evening was not yet complete, though. Jeffery knew that he had to give thanks where thanks was due. He uprooted himself from the most comfortable dinner chair in the Metroplex, made sure his belt was on its proper notch, and proceeded to the kitchen.

A waiter tried to stop him at the kitchen door, but Jeffery said assuredly, “Sir, I must do this in person. I have to give my compliments.”

The waiter understood, nodded, and held the door open for Jeffery.

Jeffery opened the door to the kitchen, saw the chef, walked directly to where he was standing, and said with full gratefulness, “Thank you, so much. That filet mignon literally brought tears to my eyes. I have never had such an enjoyable dining experience in my life.”

The chef looked puzzled as this man continued to talk on and on about the goodness of his steak and at one point he even tried to stop him, but that was of no concern to Jeffery; he needed to give his encouragement and praise where it was most surely due.

The chef could take it no longer and spoke up… “Excuse me, sir, why are you speaking to the grill?”

More than often, God does things through appointed means, through tools… And instead of giving Him the credit, we give credit to the tools.

– Jacob Simmons, Family Pastor