“For the Son of Man came to seek and save the lost.” – Luke 19:10

On the news last year, a woman was inside of a dumpster, looking through the trash trying to find clues or hints or anything that might help police find a woman who had gone missing the night before. Police and volunteers were looking for any of the woman’s belongings: a purse, clothes, earring, etc. They were searching for anything in order to find hope.

The woman in the dumpster was completely determined, I doubt she even noticed the news crew. Her face was sweaty, dirty, tear-stained. Can you imagine the smell as she was sifting through utter filth and muck, literal refuse, and people’s garbage.

What is it that compels someone to dive into a dumpster?

The fact that someone is lost is what compelled the woman in the dumpster. This random stranger understood that something was wrong when one was lost and roughed the trash of a community to try and find said lost person.

O’ what a beautiful picture… That someone would brave the utter filth of this world to seek and save the lost.

– Jacob Simmons, Family Pastor