The order of things matter. It matters what order the letters come in, just ask a kid who has to take a spelling test. It matters what order you learn a job, that’s why we start with “training.” It also matters the order in which we pray. When we pray there should be an order such that primary matters are brought to God before secondary ones. It helps little to pray for a child’s schoolwork and their friends and never ask God to touch their heart with the Gospel. It’s vital to pray for God’s purpose in our work before we pray for all of those job related issues we face. God wants us to pray for our heart, if we are married, before we pray for God to do something in our spouse’s. Today we look at what’s primary. We examine what God desires for us to pray for that is most important and then get to secondary matters. Listen in as we discover what God thinks should be the prayers we pray first and most often.