We are all needy people. Whether we are rich or poor, educated or not, young or old, we all are needy. The weakest among us are no more needy than the strongest and those with strength are just as needy as those who lack the same strength. The tragedy is when a needy person doesn’t think that they are so. It is that person who goes through life either arrogant in the midst of the apparent strength or stressed because they know that their facade of strength could crumble at any point. We are all needy people. The grace of this truth is that God wants us to know our neediness and to cry put to him to provide. God delights to be known as provider and only the person who is aware of their need will ask God to supply it. In today’s passage we look at the prayers of a needy person. They come from the last three verses of the Lord’s Prayer. Only a needy person will pray for daily bread, forgiveness for sin and protection from the enemy: the three biggest needs we have.