For every commercial you have ever seen, the marketing team is trying to show you the benefit of something.

A coffee commercial will show how simply it wakes a person up to their happy selves.

A commercial for a cleaner shows just how easy it is to clean with their product.

A car commercial may show you how you can track where your daughter is on her date in your car.

Commercials are all about showing the benefits to whatever it is they are promoting. They will claim that if you have the thing, then you will be living the life you want to live!

This is the message from the author of Hebrews in chapter 9 verses 11-22: If we hold fast to the benefits that we have in the better covenant, then we will live lives that we long to live.

The degree to which we appropriate ourselves to the benefits we have in Jesus is the degree to which we will live the lives we desire to live.

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