The Lord of Hosts is With Us

When I still lived at home with my parents, I woke up one morning with a piercing pain in my stomach. This wasn’t any ordinary pain from gluttony and bad decisions. This one felt deeper.

So, like any good American, I made a terrible mistake: I googled my symptoms.  After a few minutes of scrolling, I had a few terrifying options: I either had appendicitis (which could kill me), a blood-thirsty parasite (which could kill me), or some ancient form of scurvy that had come back in recent years in the U.K.

None of these options sounded like anything to play with, so I grabbed my keys and headed to the hospital.
On the way to the hospital, I had a bit of a meltdown. Up to this point, I had only ever broken a few bones… Nothing that was internally broken that could kill me. Plus I barely made it through any health classes… I am clueless with medical stuff.

But I had some really scary thoughts: I could lose bladder function, the surgeons could leave a glove or a rag inside of me, I could be allergic to anesthesia, I could lose a lung, I could get into a wreck on the way there because they don’t make windshield wipers for your eyeballs… Any number of things could go wrong and this was legitimately shaking my world. I was terrified of all that could happen to me.

I tried to calm myself down… I blared the music so that I couldn’t think, I called an old friend, I stopped and bought some comfort food (cookie dough)… Nothing helped to calm me down.

When life gets crazy and it feels like everything is falling apart… We all try a myriad of helps to calm the crazy.

We all turn to something to help ease the fear and the pain and uncertainty of life…

But we know just how terrible those “helps” actually are to our problems. No amount of alcohol or sex or drugs or food or clothes or money will ever be able to calm the crazy that happens in our lives.

There is only one Help, there is only one legitimate shelter in the storm, there is only one fortress and refuge for our souls and we find it here in Psalm 46.