When we first moved in to our house, my first project was to build a mud room (a room where my kids could take off their muddy shoes and jackets before actually stepping foot into the house). It was a perfect build with genius ingenuity; everything had it’s specific place where it was supposed to go.

But my kids just throw all of their stuff in the mud room. They don’t even use the hooks or the shoe baskets!

I tried to explain to them simple things such as, “Your hand works like this, you grasp the shoe, you open the basket, you put the shoes in the basket.” But it was all for nought. I have set things in their lives for them to do so that their life would be easier, but alas, I faced opposition.

We, as Christians, will face opposition. If we begin to obey, the enemy will oppose.

What are we supposed to do when our opposition rises up? Listen here for Sunday’s sermon to find out!