Time magazine recently did a survey where they asked respondents how long they wanted to live. In the research they found that 77% of Americans wanted to live to 100 years old. Not surprising on the face of it but what did get the research team’s attention was the fact that only 42% of those desiring to be centenarians were doing anything to get there. The majority were not taking any steps to arrive at their desired age. I fear that a similar number would be neglecting doing anything to get to their eternal life. It makes sense that if you want to live to be 100 you better take steps to get there. So to for those who want to live eternally, specifics steps are required. In today’s passage, the writer of Hebrews lays out the path to “the world to come.” He goes through three steps necessary to arrive in the world where Jesus is the better message, heir and King. The secret for us is that the path Jesus walked is the same one we will have to take. Here are the steps to the world to come.