There is a God in Heaven

Our first child was about nine months old when my wife left me alone with said child so that she could go and not be “Mom” for more than five seconds.

So, we wave goodbye to mom together at the door, and as soon as the door closes, my child realized that mom was no longer there, and he began to wail.

I tried a few things to calm him down, such as the dad shake, the diaper change, and the feeding of said child… but to no avail.

And you know how when a child is screaming, eight seconds really feels like a few hours?

Well, I finally get the idea to take him on a walk. And on this walk, every single one of my neighbors was out on their front lawns to witness my “Father of the Year” campaign march.

After two houses of walking, I turn around and go back in my own home, and I did the only thing that I had left to do… I laid him in his crib, I shut the door behind me, and I went and laid in the fetal position in tears.

Sometimes, we just cannot make the baby stop crying.

God will place us in situations where we will be humbled to the point of believing that we cannot do whatever it is we are trying to do… But the great grace to us is that there is a God in Heaven who can.