The main job for parents of boys, James Dobson once wrote, “Is to keep them alive, long enough to reach adulthood.” As a father to three boys I have taken this to heart and tried to keep them from the harm they naturally get themselves into. It’s not that they are bad kids, they, like most every boy, act and react before they think. And it is this impulsive behavior which gets them into trouble. As the mature they will, hopefully their mom and I pray, begin to think more and react less.

Christian maturity is similar. As we grow into Christ we learn to think first and act second. We think about who God is, what his word says and how he would have us live. The more consistently we do this, the more maturity we grow in. In today’s passage, the author of Hebrews implores his reader to “consider,” literally, “think carefully about” Jesus. The more we think carefully, the more our lives resemble the lives God would have us live. Listen in as we think carefully about Jesus.