If you want to be successful in life, some good advice is to stick it out in whatever you have chosen to do and not give up too quickly when things get hard. There is just something to sticking with something over time, some call it the ability to “follow-through,” that leads to success. Those who tend to jump from thing to thing end up tired but not successful.
What is true individually is also true at a group level. If an organization (like a church) is to be successful they have to stick with what they have chosen to do for a long time.
In our new sermon series beginning today, we are looking at what God has called us to and therefore what we are going to be sticking with. As a church we articulate our focus in our mission statement: Mission Church exists to glorify God and make disciples by building authentic, Gospel-centered friendships. In today’s sermon we look at the first two words in that statement; namely that we exist to “glorify God.” It’s important to make this distinction but why? Why is it that we glorify God? Why does God command us to do it and why is it paramount in the life of a church and its members? That’s today’s topic…listen in.