As a husband, I must admit I miss what my wife is saying at times. She will say that it is “okay” if I go doing something, but that “okay” could mean the opposite of the normal meaning. What her message really is as her lips say, “okay,” is more like, “If you are dumb enough to think it is ‘okay,’ do that thing…then you deserve the pain you receive upon your return.”
That may be somewhat funny in a marriage, but when it comes to the Bible, you do not want to miss the message. The central message of the Bible is the Gospel: that our loving heavenly Father, through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus has made a way for sinful men and women to be forgiven their sins, reconciled to God and adopted as a son or daughter. The sad truth however is that the majority of people in the world and who have ever lived will miss that central message.
In today’s sermon, we look at what it means for our church to be “Gospel-Centered.” We will examine why we believe our church’s commitment to Gospel centrality is vital to what God has called us to as a church and what he wants to do through us as a church.