We Believe

***The following doctrinal statements define our community. We believe these theological convictions define what a person must believe in order to be a follower of Jesus Christ.

Mission Church Doctrinal Statements

– God is One, divine essence, in Three distinct persons. He is God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

– People are sinners by nature and choice. We cannot and will not love God or one another apart from God’s intervention of grace.

– Jesus is fully human and fully God.

– Jesus lived a sinless life, then was murdered on the cross, in our place, for our sin, was buried, and was raised again on the third day. He is right now in Heaven seated at the right hand of the Father

– Jesus provides the only way to be reconciled to God. The Holy Spirit provides the faith we need to accept Jesus’ offer of salvation and new life.

– Jesus is coming back to gather his friends and defeat his enemies.

– People who reject Jesus as their Savior and refuse to worship him as God will spend eternity in conscious torment in hell.

– The Holy Spirit inspired men to record, without error, God’s story of redemption in human experience in the book we know today as The Bible.