There is a difference in the reputation between Apple Computer and McDonalds the restaurant. One is know for high tech innovation, the other for getting your food fast. Apple is known for their phone, while McDonalds is know for their fries. Sometimes a reputation can be positive and sometimes it can be negative. That’s the way it is currently for Christians and the church. While the reputation Christians have in the culture can be positive (they help people, do good in their community and the world), often it is negative (they are hypocrites, bigoted and backward thinking). Regardless of the reason for the difference of opinion, Mission Church wants to have the same kind of reputation Jesus had. Namely, that we, like our Savior, would be known as “Friends of Sinners.”
In today’s message we look at what it means to be a friend of sinners and what behaviors it would take to earn such a reputation. As a local church, we can’t do much to change the cultural reputation but we sure can do something about it in our city. Listen in to find out how we are going live this pattern out in our daily lives. And here’s a hint, it will require more partying!