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There are a lot of things that make parenting hard: the sleepless nights with newborns, the sleepless nights waiting for teenagers to get home and struggling to instill values when the child seems to rebel at every turn. There are also a few hard things when it comes to marriage: having two people try to merge lives when they have differing opinions, not wanting to do the work of building a relationship and then there is rank selfishness. What is the hardest part of the Christian life? Evangelism, growing in sanctification or maybe serving others. I think the hardest part of the Christian life is prayer. Prayer demands all of us: mind, heart, soul and body. And prayer is the means by which we develop our relationship with our heavenly Father. For most people establishing and maintaining a vibrant and growing prayer life is difficult. We know we should do it but how? In this series on prayer, and our message today, we look at what it means to pray and how we can pray with more fervency, passion and by God’s grace, efficacy in our life.