I had a great USMC career that I am thankful to God for. But I missed a fair bit of it. Flight School and squadron life is pretty competitive. As a student you are graded on every flight and measured against the minimum standard and the other pilots. If you make the grade there, progressing through advanced qualifications means more competition. I was so focused on trying to “make it” that I often didn’t see how much flying actually was. It was God’s grace through the advice of my father that helped me see that I was missing my career while in the midst of it. “Take a look around,” he said, “You’ll only get to do it once. Flying really is a good job. Enjoy it!”

Most people will miss the Resurrection of Jesus and the implications for their life. And that is a real tragedy. There are specific truths that God wants to show us if we are willing to see them. There are life changing truths if we are willing to take the time to look. In today’s message we take a good hard look at the Resurrection and see what God wants to show us. If we miss these truths we miss everything. If we see these truths we see it all.