If you watch much HGTV you have certainly come across the show “Fixxer Upper.” In it, a husband and wife team rehab dilapidated homes, making them into amazing dream houses for their owners. I like the show because the transformations they pull off are spectacular but also because the husband in the duo is just plain funny. What I don’t like however, about the show is that after watching, I struggle with the condition of my home. The kitchen I have isn’t as nice, nor the master bedroom, nor the living room, nor anything else they have worked their magic on.

I get over my remodeling discontent easy enough, but the same struggle shows up in my life when I see another marriage that is better than mine, or a job, or another couple’s kids, or you name it. This underlying disappointment comes from forgetting what I have already have been given by God. And the way out of the struggle is to remember all that I already have in Jesus. In today’s passage the writer of Hebrews encourages his readers to remember all that God has already done for us in Jesus as the motivation to joy in the moment whether or not we ever get the new kitchen, or marriage, or job.